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    Genna Clark

    Please make it possible to support more than one cause at once (as soon as possible), with a split of the user's choice (by percentage). I have two or three causes I would like to support, which would make it much more compelling to use this site, rather than feeling guilty that I am leaving some out! Thank you.


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    Hi Genna

    Thank you for giving us your feedback, we are getting to the final stages of updating the site and will then be starting to look at new tools and features for causes and supporters to use, as soon as we are able to we will be looking into ways to make your fundraising more flexible.



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    Karen Graham

    Hi. Any chance you could make the search smarter. Eg if I want to book a cottage, the search only returns those companies with that word in their title rather than all of the ones that book cottages..

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    Maria Snell

    Can we have a way of adding money to our donation account, Like a 'donate now' button where anyone can send a donation (via card or paypal)? 

    (Sorry if you already have this I can't seem to find a way)



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    Julie Tailhan


    It would be great to have confirmation (right away or even before confirming the order) that we've raised funds - and maybe how much we've raised...

    At the moment, it takes days to find out

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    Dee Sandom

    A donate now button as Maria Snell has suggested is a fabulous idea 😁

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