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    Paul Nash

    Three things.

    First, the cause logo for Fit Future still doesn't show; this is a know issue, apparently, but has been for some months now. Surely it doesn't take this long to fix?

    Second, Easysearch isn't working - it cannot find anything at all, not Devon Council, not Microsoft, not Google. What's going on?


    Third, although it says that donations are updated weekly they haven't been since 25th April 2017, for week ending 30th March.

    Please update me on this!

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    Liz Powell

    Easysearch is now no longer searching!

    While in the admin page, Easysearch has not updated since 25/04/2017 week 13????

    Recent donations are not showing. Last one showing is 03/05/2017. I have purchased things since then.

    A few older purchases are still not even showing let alone being confirmed, I cant make a note of every purchase just in case the Activate Donation link doesnt work or going direct through easyfundraising page doesnt either, if my supporters are having these problems they will just not bother helping soon.

    Please sort it out and get my donations listed



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    Wayne Sullivan

    Hi, hope this is the right place to ask.

    I'm a volunteer at "ARC Anna's Rescue Centre" and the cause page comes up when you go directly to the web address, but if you go to your account to change cause, it doesn't come up when you search for it.


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    Elizabeth Rimmington

    Safari warned me not to install your  Donation Reminder extension, because it isn't trustworthy until you have added it to Apple Safari's Extension Gallery.  Please do this so I know I can can trust yor extension. Error message is:

    This extension is not from the Safari Extensions Gallery. You should only install extensions from sources you trust.



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    Janice Grainger-Smith

    I don't know if this is a bug problem, but I've tried a few times to do groceries shopping at Tesco through Easyfunding on my Android phone, but each time I've had to give up because it's excruciatingly slow. Every single action had to buffer and when it gets to the checkout, I've found extra items in the shopping basket presumably because I've clicked on items twice as I didn't think it registered. And the screen just freezes when I try to get through the payment page. This doesn't happen at all on my normal Tesco app and I can do a whole weekly shop in 10 minutes. Please fix the issue because our school is missing out on lots of money this way.

    I've noticed that even on here using my laptop, it's very slow to load everything and to type my comments.

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    James Everett

    When I try to look at my statements I get the following error. 

    404 Not Found

    Can you advise, thanks

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    Poppy Richards

    I don't see an easy way of viewing my cause page and total amount raised for the cause anymore. I think something has changed as I used to log in semi-regularly to check our total and full leaderboard. Hopefully just a case of adding the link to the homepage?

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    Paul Nash

    It's almost four weeks since I last asked about problems with Easysearch and Easyfundraising. I've been told by email that 'the decision was made to no longer display cause logos' - I don't recall being told about this decision. Originally I was told this was a fault on the website that was being fixed.

    More importantly, we can no longer see how much is being raised week-by-week or in total. This is frustrating to us as admininstrators and discouraging to our supporters, who see that they are not raising any money - even though we know they actually are!

    It is hard enough to motivate people to raise money in any situation.When it looks as if their efforts are for nothing, it's much worse.

    Easyfundraising, what is going on? Why is this taking so long to fix? Why aren't you telling us anything? Please sort this out!

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    Dawn McDermott

    I've tapped through to eBay from the easyfundraising app on my iPad but can't place a bid that's not a whole round amount as the . symbol is missing from the bottom left of the number pad. It's fine using the eBay app or online which means it's an easyfundraising app (iOS) issue. 

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    Sarah Mitchell

    When I try to open a quarterly statement, I get a 404 page not found error.  Consequently, I am unable to access any statements as I haven't found any other way to reach them.

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    Steven Jarvis

    Hi. I have completed the welcome survey twice more, and still have not received the 50p donation for my cause. Please help.

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    Madeleine Welch

    There have been two queries, weeks apart, about easysearch not working and not having updated the easysearch totals since April. I came here to ask about that, and I'm disappointed to see that while there are questions showing I'm not the only one to have this problem, there are no answers.

    In fact, only the first two comments on this thread have been replied to by staff, making it seem as if there is no longer anyone from the staff reading this page. 

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    Helen Wills

    I received an email to say that I hadn't started raising money yet. I think something isn't working, as I have shopped via John Lewis using the easyfundraising sign-in; I've also completed the email survey sent out.

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    David Lake

    My son has been trying to validate his email address.   He has been clicking on the "Send" button within the Admin area but he never receives an email.

    I run my own email server and we have our own domain - I have checked the logs and there is no email from easyfundraising to him.

    How can I get the account verified - it says we have to do this in 20 days or else you'll close the account but I've tried phoning and emailing to no avail....


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    Monique Holman

    I have being using EFR for my Tesco shop for the last 2 months but nothing has registered expect 4p? I have sent an email but have still not received a reply. I always actively donate everytime for SOS for Serbian Animals. Anyone else got the same problem as I should have raised £24 so far.


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    Liz Kemp

    Hi, I've tried downloading the donation reminder but it won't download. I've click on "click here to retry" and still nothing happens. Is there another way to download it?

    Also on the page of the cause I'm supporting (BirmingJam), when I click on "show more" to see their full description it doesn't show more. I know there is more to see because I'm admin and so wrote the description. 

    Any help, I'd appreciate it, thanks.

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    Thank you Monique and Liz, I have created tickets for you so we can respond to your queries.



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    Hannah WORKMAN

    Someone has set up an account for a group I am the leader of, neither myself or any other leaders (Both past and present) have no idea who has set up this account. How do I go about removing it in order to set up one so we are actually receiving the money?


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    Karen Pendlebury

    Hi my confirmation email for the purchase I made with ATG Tickets yesterday has £26.32 as the amount but my total was £79.50 so the donation amount is wrong.

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    val surfield

    I have received an email from you this morning saying that it's double donation week on Monday 8 December 2017 - bit late really!!!!   

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