How long will it take for an update on my Missing Donation?




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    Natalie Mckenna

    Hi. I took part in a survey that was sent to me by yourselves with the promise of a 50p donation. The donation did not appear so I completed the survey a second time hoping that it would work that time but still nothing. Please advise. Thanks

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    Hi Natalie

    Survey donations are funded by us, we add these once every 4 weeks and they are due to be added again today, if you don't get one, please send a message using the Submit a Request link at the top of the page and we will chase it up for you.



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    Richard Miller

    I submitted a missing donation enquiry on 3 Sep 2017 and was told it would be reviewed after 75 days. I have heard nothing since 13 Sep. Replying as requested to gets a permanent error message. Please advise current status. Your reference details are:

    Our reference: 828866-59abc8f45c117
    Order date: 27th August 2017
    Order value: £1,279.00
    Date of visit: 27th August 2017 13:10:42
    Retailer: John Lewis

    That should enable you to find my email address to respond directly.



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    Hi Richard, sorry you are having some issues. Our customer support team are contacting you with an update now. Roisin


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