I clicked the 'Go shopping' button but it didn't work




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    The last couple of times I have tried to go to Amazon from Easyfundraising it is not letting me, the page is blank and it won't let me go any further. Sadly this means my cause is missing donations.

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    Monica Fostier

    Not working ... I dont understand how that is possible? I did everything ... ???


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    Ming Cheung

    John Lewis "Go shopping..." link doesn't work; blank screen with http://pfa.levexis.com/

    The other "Get deal" links all work fine.

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    Chris Howard (Edited )

    Used easyfundraising access to place order with John Lewis but still showing no donation to my chosen cause!


    Later in the day..............now showing donation! Thanks


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    Margaret Gibbs

    Yesterday 7/1/17 Ientered easyfundraising then pressed Amazon and bought a double DVD pack .......Xmas round the world/Xmas I love by Andre Rieu then paid for it(£10.99.I expected it to say a small amount went to the Tetbury goods Shed  but not so. Today I looked at the goods Shed money raised  and it stated 0praised by my name!, Please let me know what I did wrong because I want to book our holiday soon.Many thanks.

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    Peter Titchmarsh

    On 17th January I booked a holiday with Jet2 Holidays. I thought I had clicked the donations button but must have taken the next step and missed it. Please can you help?

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    Rosie Lawrence

    Go Shopping link for Converse not working.... Thanks

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    Michelle Gossling

    Go Shopping link for Tescos is not working....thanks

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    Pam Newman (Edited )

    I tried to get to the John Lewis website but the link didn't work and I kept getting a black screen. U gave ti give up in the end so my cause didn't get a donation. This is the website address I got -



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    Catherine Calrow

    I clicked the go shopping button for Travelodge but it did not work.  I'll have to book without easy fundraising as I need the room tomorrow night.

    Cathy Calrow

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    Val Foskett

    I ordered a large shop from Sainsbury's going in via your link, but you say you haven't had anything back from this.  I don't know why this is.


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    Jan Cadman

    I cannot proceed to payments on the Tesco website.

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    Charlie Ryder

    The "get deal" link on National Express coaches says "this link is inactive".

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    Zoe Colligan


    Sainsburys Go shopping button has not worked for a couple of weeks. I've tried on Firefox IE and Chrome but it just times out with a message like the server at prf.hn is taking too long to respond.

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    Hi Zoe, we're sorry you are having some difficulty and have emailed you for more info - thanks Roisin - EF

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