Can I use easyfundraising abroad?



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    Jacqueline Rolf

    I would add that it is actually very easy to build up quite large donations from abroad, if you either use sites which offer services globally or for sending presents to friends and family in the uk. For example, I live in Singapore but buy all our family's travel through Expedia uk whose prices as the same as other Expedia country sites. I buy all presents for uk family and friends through Amazon uk, although I have also ordered shipments to be sent to Singapore for goods that are not available here. It helps to have a UK credit card of course, but you can also use a non-uk card, as long as you are aware that you'll be charged a small currency conversion fee plus a charge for an overseas transaction, just as you would if you were paying when physically in the uk. So it's much easier to build up donations from overseas than the previous comments might lead you to believe - in fact I'm currently topping the leaderboard for my cause, ahead of all the UK-based supporters!

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