How do I contact easyfundraising?




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    Eddie Redmond

    I've answered NO in the question above about, "is this article helpful?" Reasoning? 

    I had to go looking around the site for a long time to track down the most important thing when trying to use any service or other "Provider" website, i.e. "How to Contact Us" Why not have a button on the Main Page, with a title like, "How to contact Easy Fundraising". Clicking on it takes you to a list, with categories like;

    1. How can I start a new Fundraising venture on the Easy Fundraising site?

    2. How can  provide Support or Donations to others using the Services on this Site?

    3. Missing Donation?

    The Missing Donation link actually is on the front page, so I used it to contact support, despite it not matching why I wanted to contact you. I used it because it was the ONLY OPTION!

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    Claire Petworth

    Hi there,

    I need to change the contact details on our account. How do I do this?

    Many thanks




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