Donations are different with Amazon and eBay




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    rene mcdonald

    i asked two questions. this system you have here doesnt address that. please employ people in customer services to do the job right.

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    David Swarbrick

    I notice that the payment to my named cause seems to wait until £15 has been made. As most of my collections are likely to be on small sun purchases from booksellers, I am not likely to live long enough for this transfer if it is only on my account.

    Or is it the overall total for my family which counts? or perhaps the family total?



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    David Swarbrick

    Sorry, in my previous message I sent two ‘from my family’ what I should have said was

    ’for my Cause or from My Family?

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    Veronica Easterbrook

    No green band coming up on  amazon site when I use app for easy funding. Green band is on all other retailers.

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    Hi @veronica

    We have replied to your query submitted by email, here is some more information for you.

    eBay, Amazon, Amazon Local, Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video don't participate in the easyfundraising Donation Reminder (previously the Find & Remind toolbar) I'm afraid. As a result the easyfundraising Donation Reminder will either not appear when you visit Amazon, or will display that no donations are available depending on which browser you are using.


    This just means that donations via the Donation Reminder are not available, BUT the good news is you can still raise donations by shopping with eBay and Amazon via our website the message displayed on the toolbar just relates to the toolbar.


    To make sure that your cause is still receiving donations from your purchases with eBay and/or Amazon, we wanted to let you know the alternatives available so you can still claim your donations:



    We have now got the easyfundraising App for Apple and Android devices which you can use to shop on your mobile or tablet to raise donations.


    We have also made some changes to John Lewis, Amazon and work with our app.

    Normally, when you shop on our app, you will stay within the app and the retailers website will be shown in the app view, for these retailers, we now have to take you to their website for you to complete your shopping.

    This shouldn't affect you receiving your donations as long as you carry on shopping in the window that is opened from the app. If you go away from this window, or you go to the retailers app directly, your purchase will not be eligible for a donation.



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    David Moore



       I use amazon regularily and always apply the approach above, however recently no donations ever come through, I am not using ad blockers and have no problems on any other retailer.  its a bit of a shame now as Amazon don't allow the missing donations to be queried anymore.

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    Hi David, thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear you are having some difficulty. Please contact our support team and we can check out what is causing this for you. Best wishes Roisin EF

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